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SPN: tabloids rock

hyperactivefics in wordygirls_fics

I don't think I could update this any LESS than I do...

So. I'm gonna make it a point to actually, you know, WRITE in it. And post fics. yeah.

But for now, here's this: it's a questionnaire about your writing styles, when you write and whatnot.

So here I go! Feel free to post it in the comments if you wanna with your own preferences. ^_^

Keyboard or biro? I used to write biro all the time, and had HUGE notebooks filled up. now I mainly write one-shots in biro, and type up everything else, only because I'm usually at the computer when the mood to write strikes. But when revising, I save everything over again with a new name, so I have like 8 copies of everything. >.<

Beta or no beta? I like having things beta;d, because other people can catch the things I can't. Cassie is my beta, because I trust her to tell me what's good, and what's hideous and how she thinks I can fix it. I hate it when betas don't tel you what's wrong with something.

Plot? Usually, it kinda just pops into my head, fully formed--I usually know where the story begins and ends, and most of the middle, but with one-shots, it's something that just appears in my heade and I have to write down. With the exception of the Anita Blake fic with Muffin and the Marauders-As-Girls one with Cassie, and others that I write with people, I usually don't write out plots beforehand. I just begin writing and let it go where it may.

Title? I don't try to think of them. A lot of my things are untitled, or are based on the word prompt they were given. A lot of the things I write for FF100 and others are titled off of the recurring theme in the drabble.

Smushy or smutty? I usually write a lot of bittersweet things, a lot of unrequited love, or the rememberings. I'm usually more smushy than I am smutty. I hint at smut--to quote me and Cory, I am the scantily-clad one--I hint at more, but never get fully naked. Especially with my Hermione/Blaise/Draco.

Summary? I hate them. I always fuck it up and they never sound the way I want to. I usually post one sentence from the story as the LJ-cut that then leads to the story. So much easier.

Funniest fic? Hm. I'm not really sure. A lot of my drabbles and such are angsty. I think the funniest one is...er...the omne about quarters for ficlets100?? I just read through all the things I've posted, and it' really angsty, or just cutesy.

Most popular fic? I don't think I'm well-known enough for that. But I loved the one titled "Remembering", and a lot of FF100 people liked the Trapped sequence.

Most fun to write? The Hermy/Draco/Blaise for FF100, and Trapped/Going Home

Best and Worst? Best--my Harry Draco and Remembering. Worst? I think Allowing (both parts)

Coulda been Contenders? I'm still working on a James/Sirius, but I don't think I'll get it right.

Strengths? Getting inside their heads, knowing what they're feeling. I'm better at wrirting internal feelings than dialogue in fanfic, and vice versa with my own, but I'm good at inernal feeling/turmoil

Weaknesses? I still need to work on my drabbles not being so cheesy. Working on getting a whole story in 100 words or less. I critisize myself too much

Dirty Little Secrets? Oh, man. I save EVERY version of anything I write, and look over them later, sometimes rewriting them for another fandom until they're EXACTLY the way I want them.
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Keyboard or biro? I do both...but I usually feel better about something if it's in pen first.

Beta or no beta? I can't exist without it. Shame it never has helped too much, and I'm not 100% sure why that is...

Plot? I usually just get vague ideas and have to poke at them for a while before I write them so I have a basic idea of what's going on. For example, the story I'm writing now I'm really taking my time on because I want it to be really good. It started with my brain making a connection, and then elaborating on it slightly as the original idea, then leaving me to figure out the details.

Title? Never cared much about those.

Smushy or smutty? If it moves the plot along. To date, only in RPs.

Summary? Not that great. Don't really like doing them, either.

Funniest fic? A satire on theology that I'm sort of writing with someone else.

Most popular fic? I don't write fics, so I dunno what I'd say, cuz I never really think people are always 100% honest about how they like my stuff.

Most fun to write? "Für Elise" which is what I'm writing now.

Best and Worst? Best...probably that untitled short I wrote a while ago, with the two side of the story. Worst...probably the novella I tried to write and then couldn't figure out how to get from point a to point b in the middle of it and stopped writing it.

Coulda been Contenders? Umm...that knife one and the lightning one...I don't remember what I named them, but I liked them. Shows you how much I care about titles.

Strengths? Details, usually. Descriptions of nouns, stuff like that. I also like to keep them with a common feeling throughout, but I don't think I'm as good at that.

Weaknesses? Dialogue. God. And I'm never sure about how I feel about my stuff cuz I've never had a real hardcore revision session with someone else. Any takers?

Dirty Little Secrets? I like to change up tones and themes throughout stuff I write. I wrote some really dark stuff for a while, and now I'm in a more light but still kind of heavy mode.

Care to go through my stuff with me?