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[101 dalmatians] Anita(me)

doggie_dreams in wordygirls_fics

Steve Randall (PG)

So, this is another thing that's been sitting around in my drabbles & babbles folder, and I think I've finally finished it. 

Why not post it at wordygirls? I know, you don't have a reason. You shouldn't. 

Hm...I suppose I should put up some kind of Disclaimer...: The characters Steve Randall, Keith 'Two-bit' Matthews and Evie are property of S. E. Hinton, and not my own. The characters Roxie, Ria, Ronnie and Jackie are my own little brain children.


Have fun!

Title: Steve Randall
479 words.
Pairing: Steve/Evie, hinted Steve/Ronnie.
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Outsiders

Things changed that summer. Not drastically. Just in little ways.

Steve started bringing Evie around. Never to the house. The guys liked her well enough, and Ria, Roxie and I were okay with her.

Even Ronnie didn’t really have a problem with her.

He just didn’t bring her around the house. When we went out to the different sporting events, or to the movies, or the ribbon, he’d be there with her.

But not really with her. He’d sit next to her, and listen to her talk, laugh at the appropriate times an’ all that. But then he’d look away for a second, just a glance.

He’d be looking at Ronnie. We could all see it.


Yea, he was looking at Ronnie. That’s all he ever seemed to do; look at Ronnie.

And yea, we all saw it. Every single time, his gaze would stray over to where Ronnie was sketching, or painting, or just sitting and talking. Every single time. We’d all see it.

Except for Ronnie. Somehow she never saw it.

I think she was purposely not seeing as much as she could. She knew that Steve loved Evie, and she wasn’t going to do anything to mess with that. And no matter how much he may look at her, she’d never do anything about it.

But again. We all saw it. And we all knew what it meant.

He may have loved Evie at the beginning, and he might still have some type of love-like feeling for her, but she wasn’t top dog anymore.

Ronnie had slowly wormed her way into his heart and he didn’t know what to do about it.
A girl in my position has cause to ignore a lot. I take care of the money, so I ignore it when Ria takes a couple of extra bucks to get that new shirt she wanted, or those new earrings. I’m home the most, so I take care of the dogs the most. I ignore it when Roxie gives all four of them a little extra helping at dinner time, and the treats Jackie slips ‘em, thinking I won’t notice.

The car we use to get around is mine, I usually have the keys on me. I ignore it when Jackie takes Two-bit for a ‘ride’ and doesn’t come back for hours.

I know how to ignore things. I know how to make something not bother me.

I didn't know quite what to do with Steve. He wasn’t as easy to ignore, not when those looks, and that face made my blood boil. Not in anger, at least not always. Nothing had happened after that first kiss that first night. But I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I didn’t want it. Want him.

I can ignore a lot, but it was getting harder and harder to ignore Steve Randall.

Well, hope you enjoyed it. I know I did. 




I miss this fic!!!

And now more later, because I have to go to this ceremony thing, but I have more but it is late and i am late.

But i like it!