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[greek myth] Cassandra(me)

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Love is the Slowest Form of Suicide PG-13

Hmm...not the continuation of the last post that I promised, but still within the same universe. Kinda depressing, but something that's been floating around my head for a while now.

This is being shoved into the 'Life's Such a Drag' universe. I just decided that now :D

Enjoy. :)

Title: Love is the Slowest Form of Suicide
Author: geminispaz65
Pairing: Brady/Allie, Chris/Hillary
Length: 727 words.
Rating: PG-13. For language, for reference to alcohol and tobacco consumption.

I was tired. Tired of the life I was living, tired of dealing with the people around me. Not tired enough to end it. For all my bitching, I desperately hoped it never came to that.

But tired nonetheless.

I rested against the hood of Brady’s car, my feet crossed in front me. My eyes were narrowed in thought, but I had my sunglasses on with the specific purpose of hiding them. There was a cigarette between my fingers and a drink in my hand, probably a Smirnoff. I’d just grabbed something out of the fridge before we came down to wait for Chris and the wife.

I watched as Chris and Hillary, the wife, swaggered up to us--Brady, Luke and I. The guys immediately turned their bodies in as if to block me from sight. As if Chris didn’t already know I was there.

I brought the cigarette up to my lips and took a long drag, watching Christopher. There was no real reason to pay attention to Hillary. She practically hated all of us and only went out with them to keep an eye on Chris. Or me, when I was invited.

Chris stopped in front of us just as I let the smoke stream out of my mouth. His eyes narrowed as he followed it, coming back to rest on my mouth after a second. I laughed inside. He’d hated that I smoked but had always loved to watch me do it.

“What’s she doin’ here?” Christopher asked angrily, turning his glare on Brady.

In situations like these, I could never decide if I preferred this new and constant animosity between us, or the old pretend friendship he’d maintained. I think if I really had to choose, I’d go all the way back, before we ever got together in the first place. When the four of us were just friends, the perfect friends.

When there was no Hillary to worry about, or to compete with. To resent, and envy.

I smirked at him, glad he couldn’t see my eyes tearing up through the sunglasses. The stabbing pain in my chest when Hillary grabbed his hand and smirked back at me gave me the answer to my question.

“Rein in the stallions, cowboy. I was just leaving.” I murmured to him. I took a final pull on the cigarette and dropped it on the ground, stamping it out as I stood. I passed the drink to Brady, knowing Luke was the DD tonight. “I’ll talk to you cats later. Have a great night.” I muttered sarcastically as I mock saluted them and turned to walk away.

“Don’t I get a kiss good-bye?” Brady asked quietly, speaking up for the first time since we’d come out. He’d been watching me carefully all night, gauging my mood and deciding if he actually should leave me alone tonight. I stopped and smiled softly.

Here was a reason why this new relationship with Chris wasn’t so terrible. If Chris and I were still friends, or even more, that would mean Brady and I were still friends. Just friends. And I didn’t know if I could handle life as it was without Brady. Without this new aspect to our relationship.

I turned around and just looked at him for a second. I took the sunglasses off and walked back over to him, leaning up on my tip toes for the kiss. I could tell he wanted it to last longer, but I smiled against his mouth and pulled away.

“I’ll see ya later. I really do hope you have a good time.” I said quietly, hoping Chris couldn’t hear.

“You know how it is. When you’re not there…” He trailed off, letting me complete the statement myself. He’d told me his opinion on going out with Luke and Chris without me there. It didn’t feel right, exactly. Hillary was no replacement, and really only made things worse. I could only smile again, if a little sadly this time.

“Not my choice babe, you know that. Get Chris to stop being such a jack-ass, and maybe we’d have something. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” I told him. One more little kiss and I turned around again, making it to the door of the apartment building and heading upstairs.

woo hoo!!

I really do hope you like it. *smirk*



I really did like it. :D It is kind of sad, but I love the way it's written - the kind of rough, sort of oldish feel to the words... I don't know how to describe it, but it brought to mind something out of the 50s, like a pack of greasers or something. I don't know. ANYWAY. The point is, I liked how it was written, and I thought it sounded very natural - none of the vocab sounded stiff or forced. And I can totally relate to the main character, which made me like it more. :D

Very nice. Very nice indeed. ^^;
omg yay!!

that's so awesome. i think i was totally going for that. The Outsiders in my all time favorite book, and i'm always writing in a slight greaser frame of mind.

that's awesome that that's the feel you get. makes me so happy.