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[actress] MKO silly girl

geminispaz65 in wordygirls_fics

Colorado Sunrise (PG-13) (Bordering on R, I guess)

Another post within two weeks. Shocking, I know.

I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't know why I'm calling it Colorado Sunrise. I'm pretty sure I was listening to the song Colorado Sunrise by 3OH!3 and because of that song, I'm also pretty sure that I place this little scene during sunrise. Well, as I re-read it for last minute edits, I'm thinking more like sunset. That would make more sense.

I say it's bordering on R, because they've just finished having sex, and...one of them is naked (it's totally not because I don't want you to know their names. Shamefully enough, they don't have names. I tag one of them as Alex, but that's pretty random).

So. On with the show!

Title: Colorado Sunrise
Author: geminispaz65 
Length: 628 words.
Pairing: I guess they kinda need names now.... Alex/Izzy, Izzy/Kyle, Alex/James
Rating: We'll slap on an R, just to be safe.

“You’re quiet tonight.” She said as she looked down at me. She was leaning on her elbow and the fingers of her free hand kept tracing my cheek, the line of my jaw. Like she was gearing up for another go. I could only stare at the ceiling, hoping she just felt the need to touch me and she didn’t want more. I didn’t think I had more in me.

“Just thinking.” I answered. I reached up and grabbed her hand, bringing it across my body and up by my head, bringing her face closer to mine. I reached up and kissed her deeply, hoping that would hold her till next time.

If there was going to be a next time. I was hoping I had the nerve to end this tonight.

I pulled back and rolled away quickly, not giving her a chance to keep things moving.

“Where are you goin’” she asked, making a grab for me before I got out of the bed. But I was quicker than her, always had been. I had my underwear and bra on before she was even sitting up and scooting to the edge of the bed.

“I’ve gotta get back. I told Kyle I’d be home tonight.” I slipped my jeans on and did my belt up, looking around for my shirt and shoes.

“Well, why would you do something like that?” she asked, wrapping the sheet around her torso.

“Because he’s kinda my boyfriend, and I haven’t seen him in days.” I answered sarcastically, rolling my eyes at her. I walked across the room to the bookshelf, where my shirt had somehow ended up on top of her collection of Redwall books. She was such a nerd.

I sat down in the chair next to the shelves and dropped my shoes on the floor to slip back into them.

“Why does he even matter? Aren’t I enough for you?” she asked angrily, standing up to walk over to me. I snapped my head up, glaring at her. She stopped in the middle of the room.

“’Enough for me’? Oh that’s rich, Alex. Aren’t I enough for you?” I’d gotten my shoes on, so I stood back up to get my jewelry off the bedside table.

“Babe, you know that’s different.” She started, trying, again, to ‘make me understand.’ I wasn’t in the mood to understand.

“How is it different? You’re allowed to have a life, but I’m not? You’re allowed to have a real relationship with someone, but that’s just too much for me?” I turned around to face her again. I reached down for my purse, and shoved my bracelets and necklace inside, yanking it over my shoulder. I slipped on my rings as I walked to stand in front of her again.

“I’m done living like this. I’ve tried to love you, I’ve tired to be there for you. But I can’t do it when you just sit by and watch as I tear myself up, for you.” Her brow was furrowed, like she was getting even angrier and she wanted to say something, but I just kept talking. “I love Kyle. And he loves me. And we can be happy together, like we should’ve been two years ago.”

I stepped around her and made my way to the door. She finally spoke just as I was opening it, and I was surprised it wasn’t a shout instead of the almost whisper that emerged.

“You can’t just leave.” She said, and I felt a tiny bit of the spark that could be our inferno of a relationship flare up again. But that’s what had started this in the first place, and I wasn’t going to go there again.

“Watch me.” I answered, and walked out.

Hope you enjoyed it! :D




o.O nice. :D
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