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[greek myth] Cassandra(me)

doggie_dreams in wordygirls_fics

The House (PG)

This is a small thing, but I've noticed the things that I write in this universe usually are. I posted His Fiance, and then Before the Wedding, and wrote this....a month or so ago. I hadn't planned for this to even be part of that universe, but I needed names for my lesbian couple, and I remembered that I already had a lesbian couple. Well, one that stayed together.

Well...sort of.

So I slapped on the names to the characters, finally sat down and typed the little drabble thingy, and there you have it. The House.

Now some of you may recognize the description of the house. Really, one of you will. EB, I had to use it. That house is just amazing.

I hope you like it :D

Title: The House
Author: geminispaz65 
Pairing: mention of past Raechel/Julia
Length: 397 words.
Rating: PG, because they're lesbians and...some people might have a problem with that. :p It's so tame that it could almost be G, but it's still me. I think it's only right to knock it up to PG. :D


“As per your request, I called you the minute it came on the market. Here we are.” John said as we stepped out of the car.


It was the house. Our house. Beautiful, white, with a ranch style look but a few higher parts that hinted at a second floor.


Our house. We’d been planning to buy it together since the first day we noticed it on our way to the Mall. We would buy it, name it something fittingly eccentric and put a plaque outside to let everyone know. And then we’d grow old together.


Things hadn’t worked out quite as we’d planned. After what we both call ‘The Fight’, Raechel had taken off for Europe, to make a name for herself in the theatre crowd there. I’d moved to New York, sure there was a publishing company somewhere I could get decent work.


Thankfully, I was successful, at least enough to be able to move back home and take a look at the house. The publishing co. I worked for was looking into opening an office in Milwaukee, just a small space to be a bit closer to Chicago. But I hadn’t been home in years, and I’d need a place to stay while I was here.


And I planned on being here a lot. Hopefully, permanently.


“I hate to rush you Jules, but I’ve got another offer on the property, almost as good as your own. I can give you a day, on the outside. But even that’s stretching it.” John said as we stood in front of the house.


I narrowed my eyes in thought as I examined the house. True, it would be hard, not doing this with Raechel. But I loved this house, and I always had. I wanted it.


“Don’t worry John. I’ll take it.” The house popping up for sale at the same time that I was looking to settle down was a coincidence, but one that I was happy to take advantage of.


“Well, if you’re sure, we can go in and start the paperwork rolling right away.” He held his hand out in signal for me to precede him into the house.


I looked around as I walked up the path to the front door. Even without Raechel with me, it would be a wonderful place to live.


I smiled a little and stepped into my house.


Well, I hope you enjoyed it :D