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[greek myth] Cassandra(me)

doggie_dreams in wordygirls_fics

Oh poetry, how I loathe thee...

. So I cleaned my room, as Twitter and FB have been telling you, if you follow me on twitter and/or FB. and in the process of cleaning my room, my mother made me go through this box of my old high school (freshman year, to be specific) folders and notebooks. In one of those folders was all my old stuff from freshman english.

Freshman English is like...a creative writing course, just dumbed down A LOT. You write things, fiction, non-fiction...and poetry. I'm here today, not with something original or even ficcy for you, but something...poetic.

Now, if you know me at all, you know how much I hate poetry. I like reading things that make sense and reading poetry is annoying and boring to me, because it never makes sense. It's an effort in futility, to me, so I avoid it. There are...three or four poems that I actually enjoy, and one of them is a freakin' fanfic, so...yea.

But right, why I'm here today. Like I said, I found a bunch of things that I wrote in freshman english, and thought...what the hell. I'll post them. They're not good, because I was a freshman, and for some reason didn't know how to spell when I was 14, and didn't have any of the 'talent' that I have today for writing. and again, I hate poetry, and I've NEVER written poetry well.


I'm guessing for this first one, we had to take a line, or two lines, or maybe a piece of a conversation between two people, and arrange it in a more poetic form. I can't give you the technical terms for any of these things, because I don't know them. I'll try to explain as best I can what I think is going on :p

But, my dear Elizabeth
What sort of girl
Is Miss King?
I should be sorry
To think
Our friend

I have written: by Jane Austen, arranged by Cassie Young. I can only assume it's a line out of Pride & Prejudice. *shrug* I haven't finished that book yet, so I'm not sure :D

Next, we had to write an Ode to something, which I have remembered is a poem (I keep wanting to say 'lamenting', but that would be like mourning, and that's not what Ode's are) praising something. I wrote an Ode to Breathing :p

You take it in,
You let it out.
the little
fairydust and
You see
it as smoke
in the
winter air.
As I lay
in my bed,
I breathe in
and out deeply.
As I dive
I hold it in.
As I sing my
it runs out.

We had to write five haikus (how the eff do you spell that word?). I don't want to post all of them, so I won't. I shall post one of them, because it makes me chuckle and proves that I was weird even in freshman year, before Erin had corrupted me :D

As I walk on this road,
I wonder why I'm walking
And I turn back to start over.

This last one...I was describing a Chalkboard. Or, writing as a chalkboard, I think. Not my best work, I'll admit :p

Here they come
and scratch my surface.
It's like they don't even care.
All I see is different words,
different colors every day.
All jumbled together
as they get washed away again.

I wish I had something to redeem myself with, but I've made it a point to not write poetry again, after my 14th year :p Hopefully I'll have a story or something to post soon. I haven't posted here or at doggie_dreams in forever. 

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