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[actress] Vanessa Hudgens(me)

doggie_dreams in wordygirls_fics

Writer's Block

Today's Writer's Block question on my writing journal homepage: How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

It's so rare that I post anything on here other than my stories, but I kind of like this Writer's Block question, so I think I shall answer it :p

There isn't so much an interesting story as...just a story. A lot of the things I wanted to use were either too long or had been taken or just didn't look right as an LJ name. It's rare that I actually write things down or even type them up to post, I like 'write stories/scenes in my head' as I say, and so I wanted to try to get that phrase as one, but I think that was too long. So I wanted to maybe use an abbrv. or just something that alluded to that phrase...but like I said, nothing worked.

I wanted something, maybe about a book or series that I liked, maybe a band I enjoyed, maybe a song lyric, but nothing fit.

I thought of using the word 'dreams' because while yes, I spend so much of my time daydreaming in my made up story worlds, I get a lot of the ideas from my dreams. I don't have nearly as vivid or detailed dreams as my bestest, hyperactivegirl , but they can get interesting sometimes :p And I hit on 'doggie' because the bestest and I gave each other nicknames (or rather, stole nicknames) for each other. Now, we've given each other a million nicknames in our enduring relationship, relating to different stories we'd written, had ideas for, written together in ways, but only the nicknames 'Moony' and 'Padfoot' from Harry Potter actually stuck, and we still call each other those names today. I don't even remember how we decided to start using them, but it works, because she's a little bit like Remus and I'm definitely a little bit like Sirius.

So yea. doggie_dreams. If you actually follow this journal with any consistency, then you'll notice that I almost always sign my entries with 'pads', and not '*C' like my regular journal.

*pads :)

Now. wordygirls_fics. Well, as you've seen if you follow this journal consistently, I don't write much fanfiction, or 'fics', as they're called in the fandoms. My co-conspirator writes A LOT, but doesn't post much, but I don't think she writes all that much fanfiction either. I shouldn't generalize and just say she doesn't because I don't know that. But we picked the title of this community when we both did write a lot of fic, and even still, the term 'fic' could just as easily apply to all the 'fiction' we write :p

But how we came up with the name...well, again, we had a lot of ideas before we chose wordygirls. I had thrown out the word 'eclectic' because of what we'd be writing, genre style, and because that's really what we are, the both of us. We love a lot of the same things, a lot of different things, and a lot of things that just don't make sense with each other, so I thought we could work with that and try something out. But then she threw out 'wordygirls', and I fell in love. Because both of the words in that name match us perfectly.

I talk a lot. She talks, A LOT. You have to get me around the right people, like her or some of my other really close friends, or around my younger brother. I'm actually kind of a quiet person otherwise. I'm not shy, but I am reserved, and if I don't have anything to say, I don't try to make awkward conversation, or 'small-talk' as we call it. I really hate small-talk. But get me on the right subjects, and around the right people, and I'll talk your ear off. She's like that, but all the time. I don't see her much anymore because she goes to school in Nebraska and I live here in Wisconsin, but she can talk to anyone about anything. She's pretty awesome like that.

But get us around each other...wow. We have a friend that we've both dated and are still marginally cool with, who likes to hang out with both of us because he 'likes to watch the show', as he put it. The two of us...we go back and forth and we leave off in the middle of sentences to start something else, but the other totally gets it and we can just look at each other and know what the other might want to say. But really, we talk. A LOT.

And...we're both girls. Females. So wordygirls. And we have a rather large vocabulary between, when we set our minds to it :p So it all works out :D 

And that's how we gave the community this name. We like it.