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[star trek] a slash fan

doggie_dreams in wordygirls_fics

Love & Basketball: First Quarter (PG)

this is a fanfic. it feels very much like a piece of original fiction. I don't know why I so badly want to post this, but what the hell. why not torment you with something else that may very well never be finished?

It is a Star Trek fanfic, which I had decided I would never write (a Trek fic, not this fic). it came from a dream I had the other night. this dream was amazing, and at the time I didn't realize that it would eventually have to be turned into a fic. I saw all the people, all the characters and in the dream, they were all real people, new characters that I'd created for the dream. I woke up and was like...fuck. because one, it's a fanfic, and there's a tiny part of me that feels like writing fanfic is like cheating on literature or something? I don't know. and two, because I'm a diehard Kirk/Spock shipper. they are def my OTP. but this fic is Spock/Uhura, Kirk/my OFC. I don't know how that happened, but it did.

another little tidbit? this is a high school AU. I've never written something with characters in HS, while not being in HS myself. I wrote HS stuff when I was 17, and then wrote stuff with the characters being 21-25 after I broke 20 myself. so, this should be interesting. I don't think it should be too hard though; I'm immature and juvenile enough that this should be easy, really :p (I've been using semi-colons a lot, in this little fic thing especially. more than I usually do, at least. bad thing?)

and OH! This is also loosely, very loosely, based on the movie "Love & Basketball". nothing from this little taste specifically, but I do take scenes and re-work them to fit my own needs, and it has a very L&B feel to it in my head. so that's something else.

ok. so those are my warnings, my explanations, my w/e. I hope you enjoy :D

Title: Love & Basketball: First Quarter
Author: geminispaz65 
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: no pairing
Rating: PG
Length: 838 words.

The first time James Kirk saw Samantha Kingston was during his first JV basketball practice at Enterprise High School. He didn’t know who she was at the time, wouldn’t really come to know her at all until they were both seniors; but he noticed the young blonde girl come rushing into the gym while they were running lay-up drills.

For the drills they formed two lines leading up to the hoop on either side of the gym. One line rebounded and passed the ball to the other line, which went in for the lay-up. The rebounder went into the lay-up line, and after the player had completed the lay-up, they went over into the rebound line; so it went until the coach decided they’d had enough. It was tedious and repetitive, but would build up the necessary skills to make the lay-up instinctive throughout their high school basketball career.

She was tall, not as tall as Jim himself was, but taller than what he would call average. She was in casual jeans and a t-shirt, an Enterprise High School Varsity basketball t-shirt to be specific, which threw Jim off for a second. She was pretty, in that classic movie-star way. She was wearing Chucks and had her long hair pulled back into a ponytail.

She was crying.

Jim noticed her as she came into the gym, glancing back to the lines to keep track of when it would be his turn. He saw her look around the gym frantically, obviously searching for something. He turned to check his place in line, and when he looked for her again, she was almost to the Assistant Coach, who’d taken over the drills when the Head Coach, Nolan McCoy, had left rather abruptly a few minutes earlier. He looked back, did some quick matching of pairs and picked out who would be rebounding for him, a one Hikaru Sulu; they had English together. He looked for her again and saw she’d made it to the AC, a panicked look on her face as she spoke with him. Jim took his turn, made the lay-up (of course) and took his place on the other side of the gym, in the rebound line.

He glanced around the gym once more, but she was gone.

Jim wondered for a second why she’d been crying, but didn’t give it much thought as he moved forward in the line. He didn’t wonder at what she might’ve been looking for, didn’t connect her frantic searching with the Head Coach’s sudden departure. He forgot about her completely, and just enjoyed the rest of his first basketball practice at Enterprise High School.


Her mother was dead.

It ran like a broken record in the back of her mind, behind the never ending, oh my god, how could this have happened, this can’t be happening, why is this happening?

Samantha Kingston rushed into Enterprise High School’s gym, vaguely noticing a boys’ basketball practice was taking place. That would make sense, she was here looking for her older brother Nolan, the head coach of the boys JV basketball team. She jerked her head to the left, to the right, not seeing him anywhere. She impatiently wiped the back of her hand across her cheeks, trying to control the tears streaming down her face.

Her mother was dead. Nolan wasn’t answering his phone, so her father had sent her to the gym to find him. To tell him that their mother was dead.

Sam didn’t see Nolan anywhere, so she zeroed in on the Assistant Coach and made her way over to him. She couldn’t remember his name; didn’t really care in her hurry to find out where her brother was.

“Excuse me, do you know where Nolan—where Coach McCoy is?” Sam asked, her breathing coming fast and erratic in the wake of her mad dash through the halls of the high school, trying to make it to the gym as fast as possible.

“He left about five minutes ago. Said there was a family emergency.” The man answered vaguely, not paying much attention to her. She wondered at his almost idiotic obliviousness. Couldn’t he tell that her entire world had just shattered? Couldn’t he tell that she was on the verge of breaking into a million pieces, the tears just the beginning?

Sam turned away from him and went back to the entrance of the gym, back through the halls, back to her car in the parking lot. Nolan must’ve finally checked his phone, probably left right as she arrived. She got in the car, put her keys in the ignition and was about to start the car when she realized her vision was becoming too blurry to drive, and so just sat.

Her mother was dead.

The tears started coming faster, and her breathing got even more erratic. The heaving breaths turned into sobs and the mantra of questions was drowned out by the broken record.

Her mother was dead.

Sam didn’t know where to go from there.



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