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Jul. 24th, 2008

[actress] MKO silly girl


How Stupid You Can Be (PG-13)

I just posted this at doggie_dreams , and thought, why not post it here as well. And to everyone who reads this, whoever that may be, the question applies to you too. I need answers :)

Answer honestly.

Title: How Stupid You Can Be
Author: geminispaz65
Pairing: Brady/Allie
Length: 666 words.
Rating: PG-13. For language.

How Stupid You Can BeCollapse )

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed. The question...

Do you want to know what happens with Brady and Christopher, or with Allie? It's a little up in the air on which I could or should write, and I'd like your opinion.

Hope you liked. I'll admit, I did. A little.


May. 9th, 2008

[101 dalmatians] Anita(me)


Steve Randall (PG)

So, this is another thing that's been sitting around in my drabbles & babbles folder, and I think I've finally finished it. 

Why not post it at wordygirls? I know, you don't have a reason. You shouldn't. 

Hm...I suppose I should put up some kind of Disclaimer...: The characters Steve Randall, Keith 'Two-bit' Matthews and Evie are property of S. E. Hinton, and not my own. The characters Roxie, Ria, Ronnie and Jackie are my own little brain children.


Have fun!

Title: Steve Randall
479 words.
Pairing: Steve/Evie, hinted Steve/Ronnie.
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Outsiders

JackiexRiaxRonnieCollapse )
Well, hope you enjoyed it. I know I did. 


May. 7th, 2008

HP: padsmoony


Two fics

One I wrote yesterday, the ficlets100 one. And the ff100 one I wrote today! Yay!


Title: (none)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Blaise Zabini
Prompt: 011: Red
Word Count: 1,220
Rating: Eh...PG-13 for one use of a British swear
Summary: Draco and Blaise spends their respective families' money in ways they see fit--they only buys her things, Hermione reasons, because they loves her.
Author's Notes: Wrote this on a whim, and it hasn't been beta'd yet, so it's probably very rough, but I wanted to get it out there. Takes place two years after 7th year, so they're about 19 and 20 years old.

Draco did NOT like his tie.Collapse )

Title: Nothing to Regret
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini
Prompt: 056:: No Regrets
Word Count: 113
Rating: G
Notes: Wrote super fast. beta'd by doggie_dreams, aka CASSIE.

Harry smoothed his fingers over the tie he wore, and Hermione caught his hand, smiling at him.

"Nervous?" she asked. Harry grinned at her.

"What do you think?" The music started, and he looked across the span of the short hall to where Draco was standing with Blaise. Draco noticed him and shot him a wink. "But it could be worse, right?"

Hermione squeezed his arm. "That it could. I wish Ron could be here," she said, her voice growing quiet and choked. Harry squeezed her hand, and she smiled up at him, blinking back tears. "But. Not today. No regrets."

"None at all," Harry replied, looking across the aisle at his future.


May. 6th, 2008

[actress] MKO silly girl


Darling (PG)

So woo!!!! I'm posting. As Erin said before, I don't think I could post any less than I do. Yes, yes, the stoning may begin. It's horrible, how much I neglect this journal. If it will make you feel better, I neglect doggie_dreams almost just as much.

So yea.

Ok. So this little thing is just that. Very little. Barely worth it, but it's been lying around my drabbles and babbles folder for a very long time, and I thought....why not post it at wordygirls? Sounds like a plan. 

This is kind of an open-ended thing. You can take it where you want, take what you want from it, do what you want with the characters...I don't really mind. If you want to know what the actual inspiration and....backstory, I guess, is, then just ask. But this was just something that popped into my head, and I had to get it out. 

It's really just for you. To do with what you will. Have fun!

Title: Darling
Author: [info]geminispaz65
160 words. Odd. 
Pairing: Matt/Jacob/Maddie
Rating: PG-13, for implied violence.

Yay, a post! Hope you like it. :)


May. 5th, 2008

SPN: tabloids rock



A story I wrote just now! Well, that's not true, I began it a few days ago, but I just finished it.


For the fanfic50 prompts
Title: I Was Never That Innocent
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Prompt: 009::Innocence
Word Count: 1,141
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I am really into this whole idea of the war, and the pheonix tattoo on the right arm to symbolize Order members....it's something you'll see in a lot of my stories.

Not that innocentCollapse )
[stock] sunflowers


Original Fiction

Something I wrote in about ten minutes just now.
Original characters
Possibly will be used again
Rated lower than G, whatever that is.
Enjoy, lemme know what you think!

I've realized a lot of things about myself in the past weeks.

I've realized that I'm a stronger person than I ever thought I was. I realized that I can get along without someone at my side. I realized that my best friends love me more than anyone else possibly could.

I learned that I am not willing to give up that love.

I realized that being strong means making sacrifices.

And I realized, watching Jane walk away from me, that what was, was. And what will be, will come.

And when it does, I will be ready for it.

In the meantime, I'll sit here, reading, watching, waiting, for the right girl to come along. The one who will make you feel like you've been sucker punched.

I'm sure you all know the feeling.

Right now, it happens every time I see Jane with Brady. Or hear him talk about her. But one day...one day it'll happen.

I've learned that giving up hope is the worst thing you can do. Because even when it seems like hope is the thing that hurts the most when it leaves after a break-up, or divorce, or argument, it's not that fickle of a thing.

Hope blossoms, it blooms. It nourishes itself on your thoughts and dreams.

And so it's always there.

Believe me, I know there are times when it feels like you are the only person in the world, and all you want to do is just talk to someone, anyone, about it. But you feel like none of your friends are there, like they can't get to you...like you're drowning in shallow water.

It's then when we need hope the most. We give up on the things we love doing because we feel like there is no point, like there is no use doing the things we love if nothing is going to come of it, if everything we loved leaves in the end.

Because we love with passion. To quote Joss Whedon, "passion controls us". Not only in love, but in everything. Everything and anything you ever felt some connection with.

You stop. And that makes the hole worse. Gives you more time to dwell.

And then you realize that it's not all bad. That things are--and can be--good. That you have people who love you.

And that it still hurts, but hope is in the process of returning, stretching its wings, and ready to soar over the pain into a new dream.

I learned to never give up hope. I've seen how bleak the world can be without it.

Oct. 26th, 2007

SPN: tabloids rock


NaNoWriMo, other things

Hey, guys!

I've joined NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month! Which is November, teehee. This is the first year I'll be doing it, so I'm gonna be posting snippets and such on here of the novel...which I still have to begin brainstorming about. >.<

But I'm sick of NOT writing and so I decided to just DO something about it, and so I joined NaNoWriMo yay!

And I wrote six stories last night. Whew. my brain was massively exhausted, but whatever, it felt Sooooooo goooood!!

Have a good day, y'all, and happy writing!


Oct. 25th, 2007

SPN: tabloids rock




Something random I came up with:

I feel really bad about not posting anything in here in a while, so I am making time to DOOO EEET. And learning how to cross-post things. YEAH! That'd be nice.


Sep. 12th, 2007

SPN: tabloids rock


I don't think I could update this any LESS than I do...

So. I'm gonna make it a point to actually, you know, WRITE in it. And post fics. yeah.

But for now, here's this: it's a questionnaire about your writing styles, when you write and whatnot.

So here I go! Feel free to post it in the comments if you wanna with your own preferences. ^_^

Keyboard or biro? I used to write biro all the time, and had HUGE notebooks filled up. now I mainly write one-shots in biro, and type up everything else, only because I'm usually at the computer when the mood to write strikes. But when revising, I save everything over again with a new name, so I have like 8 copies of everything. >.<

Beta or no beta? I like having things beta;d, because other people can catch the things I can't. Cassie is my beta, because I trust her to tell me what's good, and what's hideous and how she thinks I can fix it. I hate it when betas don't tel you what's wrong with something.

Plot? Usually, it kinda just pops into my head, fully formed--I usually know where the story begins and ends, and most of the middle, but with one-shots, it's something that just appears in my heade and I have to write down. With the exception of the Anita Blake fic with Muffin and the Marauders-As-Girls one with Cassie, and others that I write with people, I usually don't write out plots beforehand. I just begin writing and let it go where it may.

Title? I don't try to think of them. A lot of my things are untitled, or are based on the word prompt they were given. A lot of the things I write for FF100 and others are titled off of the recurring theme in the drabble.

Smushy or smutty? I usually write a lot of bittersweet things, a lot of unrequited love, or the rememberings. I'm usually more smushy than I am smutty. I hint at smut--to quote me and Cory, I am the scantily-clad one--I hint at more, but never get fully naked. Especially with my Hermione/Blaise/Draco.

Summary? I hate them. I always fuck it up and they never sound the way I want to. I usually post one sentence from the story as the LJ-cut that then leads to the story. So much easier.

Funniest fic? Hm. I'm not really sure. A lot of my drabbles and such are angsty. I think the funniest one is...er...the omne about quarters for ficlets100?? I just read through all the things I've posted, and it' really angsty, or just cutesy.

Most popular fic? I don't think I'm well-known enough for that. But I loved the one titled "Remembering", and a lot of FF100 people liked the Trapped sequence.

Most fun to write? The Hermy/Draco/Blaise for FF100, and Trapped/Going Home

Best and Worst? Best--my Harry Draco and Remembering. Worst? I think Allowing (both parts)

Coulda been Contenders? I'm still working on a James/Sirius, but I don't think I'll get it right.

Strengths? Getting inside their heads, knowing what they're feeling. I'm better at wrirting internal feelings than dialogue in fanfic, and vice versa with my own, but I'm good at inernal feeling/turmoil

Weaknesses? I still need to work on my drabbles not being so cheesy. Working on getting a whole story in 100 words or less. I critisize myself too much

Dirty Little Secrets? Oh, man. I save EVERY version of anything I write, and look over them later, sometimes rewriting them for another fandom until they're EXACTLY the way I want them.
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May. 9th, 2007

[actress] MKO silly girl


About Me! (Cassie's turn)

Hello all!  Cassie here. I think this can run along the same lines as Erin's did. I will be posting under this LJ, or my fic journal, doggie_dreams. Probably more  doggie_dreams, but inspiration might strike and I'll just have to post something, and I might not think to switch over, so geminispaz65 might pop up occassionally.

So, what to say...well, as Erin said, she just joined a million different fic challenges. I, surprisingly enough, decided to keep what little sanity I have left, and only joined one. I claimed one pairing on fanfic100, Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli. And for all you Heroes worshippers out there, you know what I'm talking about. 

I'm a Remus/Sirius (HMS WolfStar), Harry/Draco (SS Guns 'N' Handcuffs) shipper as well, but unlike our dear erin, I don't mind a little bit of Harry/Severus (Snarry) thrown in there from time to time. Let me tell you right now. If you ever need some good slash fics, besides ours (haha, shameless plug), I have them. Erin can attest to it. 

I am The Dealer. It's proven fact.

Goodness, what else...I like to: read, write, talk (almost as much as erin), sing (to myself in the shower), hang out with friends, sleep (A LOT), complain, flirt, I'm in love with cartoon characters.....other stuff. I don't know. If you have specific questions for me, just ask. I'm happy to answer anything you can throw at me.

On to the stories!



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