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Hello to you all!!

This is the brainchild of one hey_mockingbird and one geminispaz65--we call it wordygirls_fics. See, Erin (the hyper one) and Cassie (the spaz one) decided that they needed a place to post all their fics, including ones that they might write together, and over time, they might have other people join, too. So, wordygirls_fics was born!!

This is where Erin and Cassie post from their normal journals or their writing journals, hyperactivefics, kaz2y5_impala and doggie_dreams, respectively. For right now it is just these two girls writing and posting, but may eventually spread out.

Here are the warnings, etc:

BOTH Erin and Cassie write SLASH FANFICTION. This means BOY/BOY SEX. In other words, boys having sex with boys. There will also be FEMSLASH, which is GIRL/GIRL SEX, which is girl on girl action. If this offends you, do not read the stories that have the warning of boy/boy sex. This will usually look like this:

Pairing: Jordan/Rodney


Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy


Pairing: Hermione Granger/Cho Chang

If you see two boy names together and the rating is above PG, chances are there is some boy/boy (or girl/girl action) in the story. All stories will be under a cut, unless they are under 100 words, in which case, pay attention to the rating, please. Thanks!

Also, we will have original fiction on this site as well. Poems, etc. All original fiction will be stated as original works and is the property of Cassandra or Erin, respectively. If you want to use our words on icons, as prompts, etc, please let us know. We're not mean like that. ^_^ But if something is stated as original, DON'T. REPRODUCE. IT. WITHOUT. PERMISSION.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoy reading our stories! Feedback is amazing.

Disclaimers: Any and all characters mentioned as part of the Harry Potter universe are solely the property of Warner Bros. Inc and JK Rowling. Erin and Cassie own no part of the franchise and are not benefiting from monetary gain by using these names. Any and all characters mentioned as part of the Queer as Folk universe are solely the property of Showtime, and Cassie and Erin own no part of the franchise, nor are they benefitting from use of the names.

That being said, anything in the "Unbelievable", "The Boss", "Vampires", "Life's Such a Drag" or "Third Time's A Charm" universes are the property of Cassie. Anything in the "Women of Turana", "My Life is a Dirty Book", "Minnie and Her Boys" or "Vivian and Eavan" universes are the property of Erin. Any poetry, short stories, etc writtten as stand-alone pieces are the property of Erin or Cassie.

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